ColourPop's Big Sephora Launch Stirs Up Confusion


We're less than one day away from ColourPop's brick and mortar debut at Sephora! But first... ICYMI, here's a quick recap:

Since the brand's inception three years ago, ColourPop products have always been exclusively sold online. The indie brand's playful personality, affordable price tags and cruelty-free pledge has garnered a cult-like fan base and has won the hearts of big YouTube beauty bloggers like ThatGirlShaeXo and JkissaMakeup. Starting tomorrow, U.S. customers will be able to swatch ColourPop products in select stores and order from an authorized retailer for the very first time. 

Drama in paradise?

Originally, ColourPop stated that their wallet-friendly prices would stay the same despite Sephora's reputation as a high-end and luxury retailer.

Earlier this week, Sephora revealed which ColourPop items will be available just in time for holiday shopping... and some fans weren't happy.  After claiming to not inflate prices, it seems that ColourPop's statement isn't completely true. 

And of course fans took to Twitter to express their frustrations.

But there's an explanation for this decision, right? ColourPop rebutted the negative responses on social media.

Although the above statement from ColourPop is true, the only logical answer to this would be to do a cost breakdown of some of the Sephora exclusive items compared to popular items sold on ColourPop's site.

Don't worry, I did all the calculating so you don't have to. Here's the official breakdown:

ColourPop x Sephora Launch_GlamGameStrong.png

So what's the verdict?

Lip glosses, Super Shock Shadows and bundles will remain the same price. Palettes and other limited edition or exclusive items will vary.

Although ColourPop's promise to keep ALL prices low is technically incorrect, the cost per gram difference between palettes is minuscule. For beauty lovers, there are also other non-quantitative factors to consider like the items being limited edition and Sephora exclusives.

With this in mind, I wouldn't fret about the seemingly increasing price. Go on, don't feel too guilty and get your purge on!

ColourPop Cosmetics will be available on Tuesday, October 31st at